Twenty years of solar

OpalSolar’s founders have been involved in solar energy for almost twenty years and we learned a thing or two a long the way about how to do it right. Our experience makes all the difference when it comes getting truly high quality solar products at great prices.

We don't compromise on quality

Our solar panels only come from independently verified suppliers who are the absolute best in the business and whom we regularly visit for inspection. The remaining equipment is sourced from a range of carefully selected suppliers allowing us to match the best products to the application, every single time. Our range is constantly being refreshed too, as the latest technologies hit the market.

Peace of mind

We search the world for the best performing and best value manufacturers and forge long term partnerships. We demand quality and support from them all, back every product we sell with genuine warranties and have offices and warehouses across Australia.

Great solar variety

We know what great solar products look like, buy them in bulk and carefully select local companies to supply and install for you. OpalSolar can supply complete systems and a wide range of solar products to suit every application under the sun.


We named our panel after an Australian Precious Gem. The Opal Solar Panel was introduced in 2014, backed by one of the largest solar companies in Australia. Opal Solar has quickly become one of the leading panels sold in Australia. Opal Solar are produced by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production facilities. Back to back warranty agreements are in place to provide peace of mind. At Opal Solar we see our solar panels as a tool to mine the sun, hence our company slogan is “Mining Sunshine”.


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4, Dec 15

Sneak Peek of the 2016 Jersey Range

A preview of the 2016 official NRL Bulldogs' jerseys! For the next two season, 2016 and 2017, the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs will have Opal Solar featured on the back of their jerseys. The training version will have Opal featured at the front. Check out these images for a sneak peek! “We’re really proud to...

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2, Nov 15

OPAL Solar Powered Jerseys for the Bulldogs

The Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs have received a major energy boost with OPAL Solar upgrading their involvement to become a sponsor featuring on the bottom back of jerseys for the next two seasons (2016-2017). After joining the Bulldogs as coach sponsor in 2015, OPAL Solar co-founder Andrew Burgess said they were quick...

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7, May 15

NRL legend Terry Lamb joins Solar Juice at All-Energy

Terry Lamb, former NRL Bulldogs'player, joined the Solar Juice team at All-Energy 2015 in Melbourne. The renewable energy expo and conference had a Solar Juice stand, featuring a football theme to promote its partnership with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. Terry was helping out visitors with a "pass the ball" competition....

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