Data Sheets

Data sheets are available:

OSR-60P Series

Please view or download them below.

Opal Solar OSR Series


We don’t compromise on quality, we do support our products, and we love working on facts. Check out our brochure to see a bit of our quality control, warranty process and installations done with Opal Solar panels.

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All our panels go through independent quality control check during the manufacturing from material inspection, process monitoring, functionality check, module packaging and finally a quality report-and our warranty will get you covered!

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Installation manual for our product range.

For specific module information, please refer to the data sheet.


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Certificate of Conformity for our Opal Solar range of panels.

Certification done by TÜV SÜD.


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CEC accreditation

Our modules are all accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Check approved panels on their website, by searching for “OSM” as a model number, or simply download the latest approved module list from there.

CEC Solar Accreditation