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Can Opal Storage work if house experiencing power outage?

Opal Storage has Emergency Power Supply function inbuilt. If experiencing power outage, it needs about 5 seconds to switch over to EPS mode to supply home load for emergency.

Is Opal Storage an on-grid or off-grid solution?

Opal Storage is an on-grid solar battery storage solution. Customer needs to have grid connected all time.

How fast can Opal Storage be installed?

It is designed for plug and play fast installation. If you have solar array installed on roof and bring the solar cables down to the Opal Storage, it may take around 30min to 1 hour to get the Opal Storage ready and then you can work on the AC cable out from Opal Storage to the switchboard. Please refer to installation video for more information:

How does EPS mode work?

The Emergency Power Supply has maximum power of 4kW, and needs to have a
dedicated circuit breaker to manage all the load needed for EPS mode (the current rating needs to be up to 17A). The load for EPS still is connected to grid if grid supply is on. When the grid experiencing outage and switch to EPS mode, only the ones connected for EPS have power supply from battery via EPS mode.
Please refer to the Youtube link to know more about how Opal Storage works in different scenarios:

Can Opal Storage have more than 13kWh of battery capacity?

Unfortunately not, Opal Storage is designed in the way that can only allow maximum two units of LG Chem modular batteries to be equipped in the cabinet. Extending with extra modular battery externally by yourself without LG Chem approval will violate the warranty T&Cs

How to get support for Opal Storage?

Please contact Opal Solar technical support team for any product information, spec sheet, technical support and warranty questions.
Contact number: +61 2 9725 1111; Email address:

Can Opal Storage be used in a 3-phase system?

Electrically it cannot because the inverter inside Opal Storage is single phase. However in some certain regions of Australia, it can be turned to a 3 phase solution if net smart meter applied, and it also depends if there is any restriction from local electricity grid regulation. With the optional 3-phase Chint energy meter or Reposit, it allows Opal Storage to fit in a 3- phase system by net metering.

What can Opal Storage do?

Opal Storage is a solar battery storage solution that customer can store excess solar energy into battery and use when you don’t have solar or don’t have enough solar.

Can Opal Storage be used outdoor?

Opal Storage is IP54 rated and can be used outdoor and not exposed to direct sunlight. IP54 means: Opal Storage is almost entirely prevented from dust, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment; it is protected from water spray from any direction, limited ingress protection.

How can Opal Storage be commissioned?

Please refer to commissioning video for more information:

What is included in the Opal Storage?

Solax 5kW inverter SK-TL5000E, Solax charger BMU5000, LG Chem modular battery 6.5kWh (can choose 6.5kWh or 13kWh). All protection devices are inbuilt and prewired.
Please refer to product introduction video for more information:

What kind of load is suitable for EPS?

Better choose the load you need for necessary. Low power rated appliances are good to use to have longer EPS mode usage time. Resistive load is preferable, such as lights; Inductive load is less preferable due to high surge current may lead to circuit breaker tripping if total load over 4kW.

Is Opal Storage Compatible with Reposit?

Yes, it is officially approved and compatible with Reposit. Please use our design tool to ready more information and find the correct Reposit kit:

Can Opal Storage be easily monitored?

When Opal Storage accesses to internet, it can be easily monitored through OpalView portal. There are two ways of getting internet for Opal Storage – one is through wireless connection and the other is through hard-wired ethernet connection. The detailed instruction will be included in the Opal Storage packaging. Please find more information on:

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